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Dr. Chad changed my life. Plain and simple. It’s very easy for me to discuss how Upper Cervical Care could help you and your family's health concerns due to the fact I’m a living testimony. 


I completely blew two discs in my low back, causing severe, life-altering sciatica. I couldn’t tie my shoe, I couldn’t go up or down stairs, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without tears in my eyes due to the pain. Get this; I was only 21 years old at the time! I ate EXTREMELY healthy, worked out consistently, and was in the best shape of my life. Little did I know that I was really sick, and Dr. Chad was the only one that could figure it out. My brainstem was so compromised that my body was beginning to shutdown on me, at age 21!

Before I met Dr. Chad, I was trying everything to fix the pain! I was going to a full spine chiropractor FIVE times per week, getting waterbed massages, and bio-electric stimulation therapy. On top of that, I would drive 1.5 hours to North Charlotte, NC to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor to get acupuncture and deep tissue massage. I felt like I was running out of options and began looking into surgical procedures done in Ohio and Texas. Yes, I was that desperate. Through a friend I went to undergrad with, by divine intervention might I add, (he never met Dr. Chad and was from Chapel Hill, somehow he knew a guy who knew a girl who knew a guy who lived in Kernersville?? That’s no coincidence).  He told me about Dr. Chad and how he receives all these weekly-well beings emails from Dr. Chad. So, I gave it a shot. It was either this Upper Cervical practitioner in Kernersville or off to Ohio for surgery. One correction, and my entire body changed… I was running and tying my shoes and back at work within 48 hours.


Powerful? Yes!


Unbelievable? Not really! The way Dr. Chad explains where health comes from makes it very simple and easy to understand. The brainstem is our switchboard operator that routes the messages from the brain to every single organ, muscle, tissue, and cell in our body. If there any kind of compromise or interference there, the brain's messages cannot get through, and our bodies begin to break down. 


Our nervous system doesn't always tell us how healthy or unhealthy we are until sometimes it's too late and we develop symptoms and diseases. That's why it's extremely important to get check by an Upper Cervical doctor! Not just you, but you and your entire family will benefit from Upper Cervical Care. If I was being checked by Dr. Chad during my childhood, none of this may have ever happened. Give them a call today! You won't regret it.


Thanks to Dr. Chad changing my life, I dedicated my career to becoming an Upper Cervical doctor myself following in the footsteps of my mentor, my doctor, and my very dear friend, Dr. Chad.

God Bless,


- Dr. Josh Dalessandro, Upper Cervical of Wilmington



After being in pain for months, my doctor sent me to an orthopedic specialist. They did x-rays and began a procedure of injections in the spine. After many trips and injections, I was told “This is the last we can give you.” I did not know where to turn. Then, a “bridge buddy” told me about a new procedure to correct or realign the upper spinal column. She suggested I contact Dr. Chad McIntyre and attend one of his classes on what Upper Cervical alignment is all about. This has changed my life and no longer am I taking any medication for pain. 


- Nancy T., Kernersville, NC


I came into Dr. McIntyre’s with back pain to the point where I could not sit or stand without pain. Now, I’m PAIN FREE! Keep an open mind, and get better.” 


– Jim, Kernersville, NC 


Thirty four years ago and pregnant with my first child, I experienced what I now know to be a migraine. Shortly before the debilitating pain in my head began, my vision was affected, my tongue, arms and front of my legs were numb/tingling, and I suffered nausea. I spent the next 12 hours in bed. When I was able to follow up with the doctor, I was told that pregnant women have weird symptoms. But the episodes continued and became more frequent after the birth of my son. Over the years the headaches have changed from the original symptoms lasting 12-18 hours to 3 days of pain without the numbness and nausea. The prescription medication that provided the most relief was very expensive (my co-pay was $60 for 3 tablets), and the insurance company would cover only 3 tablets per month. I have seen medical doctors, neurologists, and chiropractors. I have had x-rays, MRIs and a list of neurological tests – all of which showed nothing of concern. I tried numerous medications and injections (as needed and preventative), but continued to experience migraines. 


The day I saw Dr. McIntyre’s advertisement in the Kernersville newspaper, I called to RSVP for the information session he was offering. His presentation about how misaligned upper cervical vertebrae can affect the entire body system made complete sense to me. I did not realize that a typical chiropractic adjustment was not addressing the C1 and C2 vertebrae. 


The first few adjustments held only a day or two, and I experienced the typical migraine pain after each. Soon the time between required adjustments grew further and further apart, and I began to sense when an adjustment was needed. Unlike regular chiropractic care, adjustments are made only as needed; not at every visit. The headaches have not been eradicated but they are much less frequent and intense. I can also see a defined difference in my balance. I have encouraged friends and family to seek Upper Cervical Care for many of their symptoms/conditions, and I highly recommend Dr. McIntyre. 


-Jan Thomas, Kernersville NC


I have suffered from migraines since approximately the age of 12. In my mid-20s, I became aware that I could predict most precipitation-related weather events rather accurately because of my migraines. I began to watch the weather forecasts and related the onset of a low-pressure system with the onset of a migraine. I have spent time in tears due to the pain, and I tried to get relief from various versions of ibuprofen or other OTC migraine medication. I learned to live with the pain and to work through it when possible. It is a sad state of life to live by the weather forecast and predict which day(s) of the week would probably be the worst for you.


I began my treatment with Dr. Chad in January 2011. Since March 2011, I have suffered approximately 3 or 4 migraines, and when I was checked around those times, I have usually needed either to be adjusted or to get more rest. This is spectacular in light of the fact that I have had a migraine at least monthly, if not more frequently, for almost 30 years. The first time that it rained after the correction that put things right, I was thoroughly shocked to watch the news and see the radar indicated it was raining outside. I ran to the window and saw that it was true! I couldn't wait to tell someone. I have since told many family, friends, and coworkers who know my migraine history about Dr. Chad, and I have encouraged the migraine sufferers that I know to give it a try.”


- Kimberly


My 10 month old was having seizures. After receiving Upper Cervical Care, she has had no seizures since. She is now 30 months old. We are so grateful for Dr. Chad and his practice; for his flexibility and attention. 


- Flora, Kernersville NC


I have been suffering from back pain on a regular basis since I was in my teens. It began as what most perceived as a curvature of the spine and later in life developed into constant muscular and spinal discomfort. I didn't begin to address it until my 30's. In hindsight, I wish I would have had it addressed in early childhood. Any system or organism develops in such a way as to adapt and compensate for any shortcomings in the system on a whole. If you don't address it the system will attempt to resolve it on its own. Whether it is your sinusitis, ear infections, migraines, muscular pain, etc...I feel it is a good place to begin your quest into finding balance and wellness in your life. The earlier you begin to address, the better your odds are at not having to suffer throughout the rest of your life. An ounce of prevention. Good luck."


- Jeremiah


I had stabbing shoulder and neck pain and frequent Migraines for 8 years. I took the usual meds. In 2008, it got severe. I had been regularly seeing a (general) chiropractor, but in 2008 things were so bad that I haven't been back since that January. In 2009, I started under Upper Cervical Care and have been regularly checked since. It has been awesome. I have not had another Migraine since 2009. The neck pain is mostly eliminated except with occasional stress-related bouts. It works!! Maintenance is a must!!" 


-Jan, High Point, NC