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So, what is Upper Cervical care?

Upper Cervical Care addresses the ROOT cause, here's how...

Your brainstem is the part of the central nervous system that controls and regulates the functions of the various systems of the body (heart, lungs, digestion, immune, etc.).  It acts like a tower does in a cell phone network, routing the communication between the brain and the rest of the body in both directions. Yet, the brainstem rests in a delicate area. It exits the opening at the base of the skull and sits in the ring of the top vertebra of the spine. When the delicate balance between the skull and top vertebra is lost, even by a millimeter or two, the brainstem is often affected. If the brainstem is compromised, normal internal function will be disrupted and a chain reaction will begin which may cause a variety of health problems.

The skull and upper cervical vertebrae are the structural foundation of your body. When the structural, foundational balance is lost, the rest of the body shifts to compensate for it. It is no different than the way a home or a building's foundation not being level causes the windows, roof, and walls to shift. As the shifting in the body occurs, muscles from head-to-toe are pulled out of balance, leading to a variety of aches, pains and symptoms throughout the body.

Upper Cervical Care addresses the root cause of this foundational shift. The top two bones in the neck can be misaligned in over 270 different ways, resulting in a variety of combinations that the body can adapt.  With a gentle, highly specific correction that requires no cracking, popping, or twisting, these misalignments are corrected to restore both structural balance and normal brainstem function to the body. 

But how can a misalignment affect me?

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